A beautiful world

Imagine your baby being immersed in soothing sounds from mothers’ voices, as she explores the strange and changing texture of the floor, or is totally preoccupied with the shimmering mirror-ball dewdrops floating in the air. Well, you don’t have to create this image, you can simply just bring your baby along and enjoy this wonderful world together.

is a world for babies and parents to explore together, in what will probably be the child’s first art-exhibition.  Babylounge is interactive with objects especially designed for the little ones to touch and explore, in a way that stimulates physical development. You will also be surrounded by soothing sounds from mothers’ voices, humming and singing lullabies in various languages. The setting is calm and peaceful, with beautiful light and textures. You will find yourselves in a per
fect setting to pay all your attention to your baby or toddler.

Universal language

Babylounge is a created by Aggie Peterson, a renowned artist on the Norwegian electronic music scene (aka Frost). She is a composer, producer and singer. When she became a mother herself_DSC0227, s
he got especially preoccupied with how newborn babies navigates by their parents voices. – I noticed how almost all adults change their voices, as soon as they hold a baby in their arms, Aggie explains. She started to collect voices from mothers from different places in the world and with different backgrounds, and the tone
of voice seems to be quite the same, no matter what language you speak.

– It seems to be a kind of “universal language”, she says. – I wanted to collect different women humming, singing and talking to their babies. The words are not important. Their voices all express love and care, and for me, they also symbolise the power of love through human voice, Aggie explains.


Children between 0-18 months undergo a fascintating development in a very short time span. – There are so many new things to learn! But as a fresh mother, I was a bit uncertain on how much “tummy-time” the baby should have and how to follow my daughters development. Aggie interviewed physical therapists and manuaBL_OPENINGl therapists so that she best could understand how to make objects for the Babylounge, that could be challenging and stimulating, and at the same time as the baby/toddler would find them fun and amusing.

The Babylounge is also an important meetingpoint, an arena to meet other parents and children, and a place to fokus on you child. – I hope the grown-ups will take their time to really see their child and let the child lead the way and be the explorerer of the room, the elements and the sounds, Aggie says, pointing out that the abylounge is a mobile-free zone.


Aggie also stresses the importance of interpreting your child’s emotional state before presented to all the new impressions. – – Find the right time. If the baby needs a break, come back later, she says. – I hope the Babylounge can be an inspiration for parents to be more alert and participating in their babies’ development. Maybe you’ll get some ideas on things you can do together, and toys you can make for yourselves?, she continues. – What children find absolutely most exciting, is the full attention and prescence of her parent’s, not necessarily a new and fancy toy.BL_BARN2_web