About Babylounge

Babylounge is an art-exhibition for babies and toddlers, from 0 – 18 months, to explore together with their parents, or other loved ones.  Babylounge is created by artist, composer and mother Aggie Peterson.

Babylounge is a room filled with objects that aim to stimulate and engage the babies to use their hearing, sight, touch and movements. In Babylounge youll be surrounded by the sounds of mothers voices,  from different places in the world, sharing their sounds of love and care, as they sing or hum to their babies.

Babylounge is a place where babies and parents can hang out, meet other people during materinty/paternity leave. A place to feel welcome and a place to focus on your child.

Hopefully, the adults will be inspired to better pay attention to their babies and take part in their babies physical and emotional development.